Crystal Light Fixtures: A Guide to Quality

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Ever walked into a room and just been in awe of the crystal lighting fixture? Notice the rainbow-light spectrum they give off? The reason is because of the quality of crystals used. When purchasing a fixture, you must keep in mind the quality, as this greatly impacts the reflectivity of the crystal. There are two commonly found crystals used in lighting ornaments. These differ greatly in price point and also undergo different conditioning processes. The two different kinds are Swarovski and Italian.

Both of these types will significantly alter the mood of a room regardless of their price-points and shapes. Make sure to ask a lot of questions on crystal quality when purchasing a fixture, and avoid crystals that are cloudy, non-reflective or white.
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Detecting the quality of crystals used in light fixture is important in understanding its reflective properties. Expensive crystals will be very reflective, and may show the appearance of a rainbow colour. As a rule, the more expensive the crystal is, the greater its reflective properties. Find out the type of crystal used in your lighting fixture – it should be listed in the description of the fixture.  Try to avoid fixtures that have cloudy crystals, white crystals or crystals with no reflection. Crystal is material chosen in lighting fixture because of how dramatically the light can alter the mood of a room. When looking for a crystal light fixture, you will most likely run into the following types:

Swarovski Crystals

  • very expensive
  • cut with a machine
  • sharp edges

Italian Crystals

  • more affordable
  • made in moulds
  • round edges
Both types have their own pros and cons, and the choice is dependent on your budget and what style you’re looking for.  Remember to get a dimmer installed if you are going for a crystal light fixture – they can be quite bright, and though beautiful, you don’t want to blind the guests!